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Additional Services

We Provide Additional Services

Visas Issues

In order to undergo treatment in Cyprus, the patient, in addition to obtaining approval and an invitation from a medical institution, must obtain a visa. To solve this problem, the patient can independently collect the necessary documents and then obtain a visa at the consulate or visa center.

However, without the appropriate experience, this procedure can often take several weeks or even months. As a result, when hours often count, this can make all the efforts and financial expenses aimed at organizing treatment in vain.

We will help to significantly save the patient’s time and nerves and provide the embassy, ​​consulate or visa center with the necessary documents to obtain a visa, and, if necessary, issue an invitation for the person accompanying the patient during treatment in Cyprus.

Remote Patient Consultations

Let us help you to get an additional competent opinion!

Correspondence consultation is a popular service for patients who, for various reasons (lack of time, free funds, open visa, etc.) are not able to come to Cyprus for personal communication with a doctor. With our help you can:

Decide on the advisability of a subsequent visit to the German Medical Institute for treatment;

•   Find out the opinion of a highly qualified specialist;

•   Receive a conclusion based on the provided results of laboratory and instrumental examinations;

•   Discuss the correctness of the treatment prescribed by your doctor and, if necessary, adjust its regimen;

•   Find out about other possible treatment options for your specific situation.

Please note that you can receive correspondence consultation in any form convenient for you.

Medical Aviation and Special Transport

We will organize an emergency evacuation accompanied by medical personnel.

Situations when a patient needs to be urgently transported for treatment to the German Medical Institute are often critical. In this case, it is extremely undesirable to wait for the next flight, since the clock often counts, and at the same time, civil transport is not equipped with the equipment necessary to ensure safe conditions for transporting the patient.

We can solve this problem and professionally organize the transportation of the patient on a modern aircraft equipped with the necessary arsenal of medical devices. Additionally, the patient is accompanied by a team of doctors who, in the event of an emergency, will be able to provide quality medical care. In each specific situation, depending on the patient’s health condition and diagnosis, the equipment necessary to provide medical assistance in flight is selected individually.

Patient Care

Having a person who can resolve everyday issues and at the same time provide the necessary psychological support to a patient who is going to another country for treatment is extremely important. This is an excellent way to give the patient the opportunity to fully concentrate on fighting the disease.

Additionally, it is possible to organize cultural/excursion programs that will help the patient recharge with positive emotions necessary for recovery.

Our experienced employees will become not just assistants for you, but true friends. We understand the complexity and subtlety of the situations in which patients find themselves. Therefore, we guarantee an extremely attentive and sensitive attitude to any requests and wishes that arise. Please note that all our specialists have an excellent command of Russian and English. Thanks to this, communication and communication take place in an extremely easy and comfortable manner.


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