Dr. Med. Aylin Kuemmel
Dr. Med. Aylin Kuemmel
Posts and Affiliations

•   Clinical director and owner of a gynecological practice, Essen

•   Founder and medical chief of Medical Loft Skincare development

Degrees and qualifications:

•   Medical School university of Essen, Germany and Hacettepe university Ankara, Turkey (2002-2008)

•   Doctoral thesis 2012

•   Specialist in gynecology and obstetrics 2014

•   Board certified Senior-Breastsurgeon

•   Board certified sonographer for breast, abdominal and pelvic ultrasound

•   Board certified sonographer for pregnancy ultrasound

•   Board certified for basic psychological principles

•   Board certified in first trimester screening in pregnancy

•   Graduated from microsurgery course at University Leuven

•   Graduated from Liposuction and Lipofilling course, Dr. H.Meyer, Hamburg

•   Board certified practitioner for Botulinum-Toxin procedures(DGBT)

•   Board certified practitioner for Hyaluronic acid injections (DGBT)

Work experiences:

•   2008-2009 MD at Bergmannsheil-hospital Bochum, traumatology

•   2009-2011 MD at Duisburg-Wedau hospital, gynecology and obstetrics

•   2011-2024 MD and senior physician at interdisciplinary breast unit, Kliniken Essen-Mitte

•   since 2019 Owner and medical director of a gynecological practice, Essen

•   since 2018 Founder and medical director of medical loft skincare development

Organization Memberships

•   German society of gynecology and obstetrics (DGGG)

•   German society of senology (DGS)

•   German society for aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive operations in gynecology(AWO-Gyn)

•   German Society for Botulinum Toxin-Therapy e.V. (DGBT)


Prognostic Factors for Local, Loco-regional and Systemic Recurrence in Early-stage Breast Cancer.

Kümmel A, Kümmel S, Barinoff J, Heitz F, Holtschmidt J, Weikel W, Lorenz-Salehi F, du Bois A, Harter P, Traut A, Blohmer JU, Ataseven B.

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Using a New Marker Clip System in Breast Cancer: Tumark Vision® Clip – Feasibility Testing in Everyday Clinical Practice.

Rüland AM, Hagemann F, Reinisch M, Holtschmidt J, Kümmel A, Dittmer-Grabowski C, Stöblen F, Rotthaus H, Dreesmann V, Blohmer JU, Kümmel S.

Breast Care (Basel). 2018 Apr;13(2):116-120. doi: 10.1159/000486388. Epub 2018 Mar 9.

Selection of national und internationale lectures:

03.09.2022   Master of Disaster Breast Surgery workshop in how to do sonography on breasts with Implants and the risk of ALCL
05.09.2021   Master of Disaster Breast Surgery: ALCL risk at patients with breast implants

08.09.2020   Master of Disaster Breast Surgery: Implant based reconstruction and aesthetic outcome

07.09.2020   Master of Disaster Breast Surgery: Aesthetic breast surgery- pitfalls in reconstructive and aesthetic breast surgery

11.11.2019   BRA DAY Essen: SKIN-CARE – Preventive skin care during oncologic therapy and scar treatment

06.09.2019   Master of Disaster Breast Surgery Workshop: Different Approaches in Augmentation  in Aesthetics

05.09.2019   Master of Disaster Breast Surgery Course: Tattoos and Nipple Reconstruction on a model-Tips and Tricks

11.15.201   Rhodos Breast Symposium; Complication Management in Breast Surgery-Pre-peri-and postoperative

16.02.18   Master of Disaster Symposium, Essen: Oncoplastic breast reconstruction, implant or flap use, techniques and tricks for surgeons

10.02.2017   Master of Disaster Symposium, Essen: Cosmetic breast augmentation, techniques and tricks for surgeons 

11.02.2017   Master of Disaster Symposium, Essen: Asymmetry of breasts how to solve this problem

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“In my practice, I combine gynecology with aesthetics to comprehensively 

care for women and promote their well-being.”

Dr.Med. Aylin Kümmel

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