Medical Oncology
Medical Oncology

Medical Oncology Department

Here, at Medical Oncology, we apply all modern methods of chemotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy and immunotherapy. Treatment, incorporating the latest advances in medical medicine, is individualized, and aimed at helping the patient according to his needs at any time and in any circumstances.

Our services include:

The German Medical Institute (GMI) Medical Oncology service equipment is of advanced technology, which is continuously renewed, updated, and meticulously serviced. Treatments are carried out in a calm and friendly environment, with unobstructed views of the sea and the city of Limassol.

The German Medical Institute (GMI) Medical Oncology service offers several clinical trials for patients with cancer. We believe that all our patients deserve the most modern and innovative therapeutic and diagnostic approaches.


Chemotherapy is one of many therapeutic methods we can use in our fight against cancer. More specifically, it involves the use of drugs to tackle the disease and to destroy cancer cells.


It is a type of treatment that aims to modify the activity of the immune system and to cause changes in the immune response to the tumor. It activates and directs the body’s immune system, to fight the growth of cancer cells.


This treatment is used for hormone-sensitive tumors, such as prostate, breast and endometrial cancer. Hormonotherapy is an anti-cancer treatment that inhibits the secretion of hormones or prevents their action, thus hindering the growth of cancer cells. 


Medical Oncology Department


Medical Oncology Department


Medical Oncology Department


Medical Oncology Department

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You can find more complete and detailed information on the department’s page on the German Medical Institute website.

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