Dermatology Department

At the GMI, our team of dermatologists, who specialize in different fields of dermatology, provide in-depth consultations, medical, interventional, and surgical treatments to address any problems you may be experiencing with your skin. Our department has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to aid in the examination, in the early and accurate diagnosis of conditions and in their management.

Our services include:

Dermoscopy and Mole mapping

The modern equipment department allows for digital dermatoscopy and mapping of moles using artificial intelligence technologies. Mole mapping techniques are particularly useful for monitoring people with a family or personal history of melanoma and for those who wish to obtain a detailed assessment of moles using photographic documentation.


Aesthetic treatment

Treatments we offer include platelet-rich plasma injections and microneedling to stimulate collagen synthesis, hardware, and injection procedures for skin rejuvenation.



With electrosurgical treatments, an electrical current is applied directly to the area of ​​abnormal skin growth that is intended to be destroyed. The device resembles a regular pencil. An experienced dermatologist can use electrosurgery to treat a range of types of skin lesions.


Biopsies and Minor Surgery

If necessary, after an examination, a dermatologist may offer you a biopsy of a skin area, which helps clarify the diagnosis in case of ambiguous skin diseases and rashes, as well as in the presence of suspicious moles and other skin lesions. If a mole is visually suspicious of cancer, it is usually removed through a minor operation and sent in its entirety for analysis, the results of which will be reported to you by a dermatologist when ready.


Laser treatment

At our department we offer different types of laser systems including the latest picosecond technology laser.


This is a minimally invasive treatment where superficial skin lesions are frozen using liquid nitrogen.


Dermatology Department

Cosmetologist Cleaning Woman’s Eyes After Lash Lifting Procedure

Dermatology Department

cropped view of dermatologist in latex gloves holding dermatoscope while examining patient with skin

Dermatology Department

Detailed Information

You can find more complete and detailed information on the department’s page on the German Medical Institute website.

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