Internal Diseases
Internal Diseases

Internal Diseases Department

Offering the best possible care to our patients is our priority. That is why we have designed our wards as an environment which will make them feel safe and comfortable. 

Our services include:

Directly adjacent to our wards, patients can “escape” to what has been called the ‘most popular Roof Garden in town’, which overlooks the whole of Limassol and its wonderful coastline.

Each room has all the necessary medical equipment to monitor the patient’s progress. High-tech monitoring devices enhance the nursing procedures.

The department of internal medicine at the German Medical Institute (GMI) offers two kinds of patient care: in-patient care and out-patient care. 

A highly specialized team of dedicated and trained internal medicine physicians focuses on treating our patients in our out-patient clinics. Please see the corresponding departmental sites for more information: Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology, Medical Oncology, or Endocrinology.

Our general internal medicine physicians treat to the GMI in-patients, approaching each patient in a holistic way by considering their individual needs, in close collaboration with our organ specialists.


Internal Diseases Department

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Internal Diseases Department

Detailed Information

You can find more complete and detailed information on the department’s page on the German Medical Institute website.

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