Cardiac Surgery
Cardiac Surgery

Cardiac Surgery Department

At the GMI Department of Cardiac Surgery we provide expert care in our state-of-the-art facilities when it comes to surgically treat cardiac related pathologies. A dedicated team of internationally experienced specialists will guide each patient through their entire medical journey, from their diagnostic work-up to their treatment and post-treatment care.

Our services:

We offer a vast selection of services and tailored solutions for cardiac related pathologies. Starting from the diagnosis and evaluation of the heart condition through the most advanced cardiac MRI imaging available in Europe, we can gather detailed imaging and data to suggest the best achievable surgical solution as a post-diagnostic treatment.

We offer multiple options for treatment which include:

•  Complete revascularization with coronary bypass surgery

•  Aortic valve replacement including minimally invasive techniques

•  Thoracic aorta surgery (root, ascending, arch)

•  Mitral valve repair

•  Mitral valve replacement

•  Repair of congenital heart structure defects in adults

We have a state-of-the-art cardiac operation theatre with a hybrid room, which allows us to intervene both with traditional and minimally invasive approach, depending on the cardiac pathology and the need of the patient.

Our latest generation cardiopulmonary bypass machines (CPB) use a smaller circuit (mini-bypass system) that provides a better and faster recovery for patients after cardiac surgery.

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Cardiac Surgery Department

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Cardiac Surgery Department

Detailed Information

You can find more complete and detailed information on the department’s page on the German Medical Institute website.

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