Pulmonology Department

The Department of Pulmonology at the German Medical Institute uses scientific knowledge, clinical expertise, and latest technology to assess, diagnose and manage patients with a variety of respiratory-related conditions, always focusing on the patient-centric approach.

Our services include:

•   Flexible video-bronchoscopy in which we assess the central airways, and we collect biopsies, brushing material, washing and bronchoalveolar lavage.

•   EBUS bronchoscopies in which we assess and biopsy mediastinal lymph nodes for diagnosing and staging lung cancer, as well as lymphoma and sarcoidosis.

•   Endoscopic hemostasis and Debulking using Electrocautery, and Argon-Plasma Coagulation techniques.

•   Foreign body removal. 

•   Balloon dilatations of tracheal and central airways strictures.

•   Endobronchial Brachytherapy (in collaboration with the Radiation Oncology Department)

•   Pulmonary Function Tests Lab in which we execute and assess Pulmonary Function Tests and obtain and assess Arterial Blood Gases (ABGs).

•   Diagnostic and draining paracentesis of pleural effusions.


Pulmonology Department

Two unrecognizable pulmonologists working together on mediacal case looking at X-ray image

Pulmonology Department

Detailed Information

You can find more complete and detailed information on the department’s page on the German Medical Institute website.

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